The programmable counter/rate monitor is a highly versatile instrument that is capable of working as an up/down counter, rate, rpm, or frequency monitor. Selection of different operating modes is easily accomplished from the front keys. The unit features four preset alarms (optional) which can be ordered with relay or open collector outputs. Also featured are two timers (optional) which come with open collector outputs.

COUNTER MODE: In counter mode the unit may be configured as an up/down counter with auto/manual reset or preset. Four preset limits may be operated with built in delay timers. A seven digit display permits a maximum count of 9,999,999 at a frequency of up to 1 MHz. Following are the six different counting modes:

1. Count up with non-latching outputs
2. Count up with latching outputs
3. Count up with output delay timer.
4. Count up, auto reset & output delay timers
5. Count down with manual preset.
6. Count down, auto preset & delayed output

RATE MODE: As a rate indicator, the PCR series features crystal controlled accuracy and provides the flexibility of a programmable time base for sampling. Time base can be set from 0.100 to 9999.999 seconds, in increments of 0.001 second. A rate gain feature allows for quick update on rates with longer time bases.

RPM MODE: In this mode, the unit counts incoming pulses and displays the data as revolution per minute. A filter feature is used to smooth out rapidly changing data, or to view rapid speed changes.

FREQUENCY MODE: In this mode an internal crystal reference is used to indicate the frequency of incoming pulses. Measured frequency range is from 2 Hz to 2MHz. Two modes of operation are supported:
1. High frequency mode (resolution = 1 Hz)
2. Low frequency mode (resolution = 0.01 Hz)

TOTAL/BATCH CONTROLLER: The unit works as a totalizer by accumulating incoming or scaled pulses. It also keeps a count on number of batches. Additionally, two outputs can be configured to provide a control signal when a preset total or batch count is achieved.

Additional features include tracking of Min/Max readings in all modes. Remote reset allows clearing the displayed reading with an external switch. A built-in buzzer sounds an alarm whenever a limit is reached. Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. The unit has a watchdog timer and a power line filter designed in to provide trouble free operation in harsh industrial environment.