MPS series is a multi-channel scanner that packs a number of functions into one unit. Tasks that require multiple monitors can now be accomplished by using only a single unit. Signals from seven different transducers can be brought into screw terminals that are conveniently located on the back panel of the instrument. The unit automatically scans through each channel, displaying channel number and its process reading.

Signals from thermocouples, rtds and thermistors are linearized and can be displayed in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Current, voltage and millivolt signals are easily scaled for indicating the process in relevant engineering units. Since up to seven different processes can be displayed on a single scanner, therefore, each channel can be given its own three alphabets long engineering units e.g. PSI, Ft, Yds, etc. This helps in differentiating between channels with different processes.

Channels that do not have signals connected to them can be disabled and will not be scanned or displayed. Other channels are sequentially displayed for a programmed length of time. The hold feature allows for the display to be held indefinitely on any one channel.

MPS has multiple display modes and can be programmed to scan all channels, display channel with highest or lowest reading, process deviation from a pre-programmed setpoint, display differential between channels or just run as a timer.

Additional features include Min/Max readings and rate of change for all channels. Also provided as an option is a control relay or open collector output for each channel. A built-in buzzer provides an audio alarm whenever a limit is reached. Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. The unit has a power line filter designed in to provide trouble free operation in harsh industrial environment. A watch dog timer keeps track of any run away programs.

This series is offered in 2 different models. The basic model (MPS4/MPS7) accepts only one type of transducer signal on all four/seven inputs. Same scaling is applied universally to all channels for linear voltage or current signals. The plus version (MPS4+/MPS7+) has fully programmable inputs and each channel can be configured independently to accept any input type. Thus one channel could be displaying temperature, while the second channel displays pressure (e.g. 4-20ma) and the third, liquid level (e.g. 0-10vdc).