The DCR series offers two very flexible counter channels in a single unit. Either one of these two channels can be configured to work as up/down Counter, Rate, RPM or Frequency monitor. Given below is a brief description of various modes that the unit can operate in:

COUNTER MODE: In counter mode, each channel may be configured as an up or down counter with auto/manual reset or preset. Three preset limits may be operated with built in delay timers. A seven digit display permits a maximum count of 9,999,999 at a frequency of up to 1 MHz. Following are the six different counting modes:
1. Count up with non-latching outputs
2. Count up with latching outputs
3. Count up with output delay timer.
4. Count up, auto reset & output delay timers
5. Count down with manual preset.
6. Count down, auto preset & delayed output

RATE MODE: As a rate indicator, each channel features crystal controlled accuracy and provides the flexibility of a programmable time base for sampling. Time base can be set from 0.100 to 9999.999 seconds, in increments of 0.001 second. A rate gain feature allows for quick update on rates with longer time bases.

RPM MODE: In this mode, the unit counts incoming pulses and displays the data as revolution per minute. A filter feature is used to smooth out rapidly changing data, or to view rapid speed changes.

FREQUENCY MODE: In this mode an internal crystal reference is used to indicate the frequency of incoming pulses. Measured frequency range is from 2 Hz to 2MHz. Two modes of operation are supported:
1. High frequency mode (resolution = 1 Hz)
2. Low frequency mode (resolution = 0.01 Hz)

TOTAL/BATCH CONTROLLER: The unit works as a totalizer by accumulating incoming or scaled pulses. It also keeps a count on number of batches run. Additionally, two outputs can be configured to provide a control signal when a preset total or batch count is achieved.

Additional features include tracking of Min/Max readings in all modes. A built-in buzzer sounds an alarm whenever a limit is reached. Visual indication of relay output status is given by LEDs on the front panel. The unit has a watchdog timer and a power line filter designed in to provide trouble free operation in harsh industrial environment.