Highly versatile, DCM series offers two Process, two pulse or a unique combination of a Pulse and a Process input on two completely independent channels. Each channel can be programmed for pulse, voltage, current or temperature signals (thermocouples, RTD or thermistor). With scaling feature, pulses from a flow meter can be displayed in flow units (e.g. gallons /minute) on one channel. The second channel can be programmed for displaying analog signals such 4-20ma loop current, voltage or temperature from thermocouples, RTDS etc. Thus, for example, flow and temperature or flow and pressure can be monitored in a single unit. Two relay and one audio/visual output per channel allows for very flexible control functions as well.

On Process channels, signals from thermocouples, RTDS or thermistors are linearized and displayed in degrees Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Voltage and milliamp signals (4-20ma etc.) are displayed in engineering units. Scaling is accomplished from the front keys and does not require any tedious formulas. Three digit long engineering label is programmable and allows easy recognition of process being monitored e.g. Lbs for weight, PSI for pressure, Ft, Yds for length etc. Menu’s in plain English help in navigating through programming steps.

Pulse Channels function like four monitors in one. They can be programmed as up/down counter, rate, rpm or frequency monitor. In counter mode, these channels can count up or down to a maximum count of 9,999,999 and also offer presets along with built in delay timers. Easy scaling allows the process to be displayed in Engineering units e.g. if a flow sensor puts out 1 pulse per 0.00032 gallons of liquid, then setting the scaling factor to 0.00032 will display flow in gallons. Two alarm relays allow the control of flow based on preset number of gallons. DCM also keeps tracks of Total and number of Batches processed. In addition to count, Rate is also displayed in all modes of operation. The unit can be programmed to work as a Rate indicator thus providing the capabilities of a full fledged rate controller including two rate alarms. For rate indication, Time Base is programmable from 1.000 to 9999.999 seconds.

Two addtional modes of operation are RPM (revolutions per minute) and Frequency. Frequency mode can be made to display either in units or in 100th of a Hertz. Two alarms per Channel are also available in this mode.

Channel differential can be used for indicating processes such as difference of input and output flow on a tank, temperature variance between two points in a furnace etc.